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To give you the best possible experience, this site uses cookies and by continuining to use the site you agree that we can save them on your device.

Cookie are small text files which are place on your computer and which remember your preference/some details of your visit. Our cookies do not collect personal information. For more information please read our updated privacy and cookie policy.

Instructions on cookie policy

In line with Article 5(3) of the ePrivacy Directive, consent is not required for technical storage or access of the following cookies:

  • cookies used for the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission of a communication
  • cookies that are strictly necessary in order for the provider of an information society service explicitly required by the user to provide that service

Examples of cookies that generally do NOT require consent:

  • user input cookies, for the duration of a session
  • authentication cookies, for the duration of a session
  • user-centric security cookies, used to detect authentication abuses and linked to the functionality explicitly requested by the user, for a limited persistent duration
  • multimedia content player session cookies, such as flash player cookies, for the duration of a session
  • load balancing session cookies and other technical cookies, for the duration of session
  • user interface customisation cookies, for a browser session or a few hours, when additional information in a prominent location is provided (e.g. “uses cookies” written next to the customisation feature) .

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