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Wow Factory is here in order to explain you step by step how web development and web design can be done successfully and how your business can actually benefit from it.

We are a young and dynamic web design and development start-up. We are focused on delivering surprisingly fresh and innovative ideas to online businesses.

About us: we are driven by results and we are obsessively passionate by what we do. Our team’s goal is to generate impressive results in website performances by providing the best user experience for our customers’ online visitors.

Our standards are always adapting to the industry requirements. With the number of online websites and web stores increasing exponentially, your website design and coding need to be above general standards in order to be relevant. We know today what you’ll need tomorrow.



This is our list of mandatory reading materials. Each of them will be fully described by us in our blog, in the near future. Be sure you’ll keep an eye on our latest posts!

1. What does your business need a website for? ( )
2. How you should search for a supplier for your website?
3. This is what you need before creating a website.
4. What we think about the latest design trends for presentation websites and for webstores?
5. Which are the best technologies and when is it best to use them? (wordpress or magento, laravel or zend)
6. Your page: Should it be a one page website or multiple page website?
7. How should you use SEO? How can it benefit you?
8.Our advice about your content writing and the challenges that you’ll encounter.

9. Our thoughts on the constant maintenance that you’ll need for your website page.

Don’t be a stranger send us all your questions, if you have a project in mind or simply out of curiosity.

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